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Xmission Speed Test – Check your Internet Speed. Testing Your Internet Speed with Xmission

Xmission provides fast and reliable internet service in Utah. Their online speed test offers a quick way to measure your current connectivity.

Using Xmission’s Speed Test

Xmission’s speed test is available on their website at xmission.com/speedtest. To use it, simply visit the page and click the “Begin Test” button.

The tool will detect your location and connect to the closest Xmission server to route your traffic through. It will then download and upload randomized data to measure your real-world speeds.

Once complete, it will display your results clearly showing your ping (latency), download speed, and upload speed in an easy to understand gauge format.

When to Use Xmission’s Speed Test

Some common situations when Xmission customers should utilize the speed test include:

  • Verifying you are receiving the download and upload speeds advertised for your Xmission plan.
  • Troubleshooting slow internet or high latency that is impacting web browsing, streaming, or gaming.
  • Checking your speeds at different times of the day to identify peak performance vs congestion issues.
  • Comparing your wired speeds vs connecting over WiFi to pinpoint any wireless limitations.

Factors That Can Impact Xmission Speed Test Results

Some key factors that can influence your speed test results include:

  • Connecting over WiFi, which is slower than wired ethernet connections.
  • Network usage congestion during peak evening hours when more customers are online.
  • The browser and device used to run the test, as performance can vary.
  • Location and distance to the Xmission test server. Closer servers tend to have better speeds.

Interpreting Your Xmission Speed Test Results

When examining your test results, first compare your speeds to what your Xmission plan provides to ensure you are receiving the advertised performance.

You’ll also want to determine if your speeds meet the requirements for your usage needs:

  • Streaming HD video requires minimum speeds of 5-10 Mbps.
  • Online gaming demands low latency below 50ms and consistent speeds.
  • Smooth video calls need 2-4 Mbps speeds for HD quality.

Check for major inconsistencies during different times of day that may indicate technical problems needing troubleshooting.

Additional Xmission Tools

Beyond just the speed test, Xmission provides other useful tools for customers including:

  • Network Status Page – Shows any known outages and disruptions.
  • Data Usage Tracker – View your monthly data usage to avoid overages.
  • Customer Support – Options to contact Xmission for technical assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Xmission’s Speed Test


Is Xmission’s speed test accurate?

Yes, Xmission’s speed test is highly accurate when using a wired connection as it tests speeds on their own network servers.

Why are my WiFi speeds slower than wired speeds?

WiFi is impacted by distance, interference, and bandwidth sharing so wired connections will always be faster.

How can I improve my speed test results?

Connecting your computer directly to your router via ethernet cable, closing other programs, and testing at off-peak hours can optimize your speed results.

What download speed is good for streaming video?

Most streaming services recommend minimum speeds of 5-10+ Mbps for smooth HD streaming depending on number of devices.

Will Xmission automatically fix slow speeds?

No, you need to contact Xmission support if speed tests show consistently slow results so they can investigate and resolve the issue.

People Also Ask About Xmission’s Speed Test


Can I use Speedtest.net to test Xmission speeds?

Yes, you can use Speedtest.net as an additional test, but Xmission’s own test will be more accurate for measuring their network performance.

Does Xmission prioritize speed tests to show faster speeds?

There is no evidence that Xmission manipulates their speed test results. Independent tests validate their tool’s accuracy.

Where are Xmission’s speed test servers located?

Xmission locates servers within their own high-speed Utah network to ensure accurate results by testing speeds locally.

Can I run an Xmission speed test from my phone?

Yes, Xmission’s web-based speed test works on both iPhone and Android smartphones. Just connect to their site and click the speed test button.


Xmission provides a fast, easy way for customers to measure their real-world internet speeds and identify any issues falling short of advertised performance. Run periodic speed tests under different conditions to get a complete picture of your network health and optimize connectivity.

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