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Waveform Speed Test – Check your Internet Speed. Evaluating Your Internet Speeds with Waveform

Testing your internet speeds is important to identify issues and verify you are getting the performance you pay for. Waveform offers an accurate and in-depth speed test tool.

Using the Waveform Speed Test

The Waveform speed test is available on their website at waveform.com/tools/test-your-internet-speed. To use it, simply visit the page and click “Begin Test”.

The tool will first detect your location and select the closest server to connect to. It will then begin uploading and downloading random data to measure your real-world internet speeds.

Once completed, it will display your results clearly showing your ping, download speed, and upload speed. Waveform also provides a speed rating on a 100-point scale.

Interpreting the Results

The results will help you understand how fast your connection performs for common online activities:

  • Download speed affects loading websites, streaming video, and downloading files. Higher is better.
  • Upload speed impacts video calls, cloud backups, and sharing content. Faster uploads are desirable.
  • Ping measures latency. Lower pings mean more responsive browsing and gaming.

Compare your speeds to your internet plan to ensure you are getting the performance you pay for. Run tests at different times of day to check for consistency.

Accuracy of the Waveform Speed Test

Independent testing has shown the Waveform speed test produces results very close to other top tools like Netbaaz.com and Fast.com. It uses high-quality servers and advanced algorithms to measure speeds accurately from anywhere.

Factors like network congestion and distance to tested servers can cause slight variations. Overall, Waveform provides reliable accuracy on par with the best speed tests.

Use Cases for the Waveform Speed Test

The Waveform speed test can be used:

  • To verify your ISP is delivering promised speeds per your plan.
  • Identify problems like slow speeds or high latency.
  • Test speeds before and after making network improvements.
  • Optimize networks for applications like 4K video streaming or low-latency online gaming.

Additional Waveform Testing Tools

Beyond just speed testing, Waveform offers other useful network diagnostic tools:

  • Bufferbloat Test – Checks for network congestion that can disrupt streaming.
  • VPN Speed Test – Compares speeds with VPN enabled vs disabled.
  • WiFi Scanner – Scans for interference on wireless networks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Waveform Speed Test


Is the Waveform speed test free to use?

Yes, the Waveform speed test is completely free and does not require any registration. There are no usage limits.

What internet speed is considered “good” on Waveform?

Waveform rates speeds above 80/100 as excellent, 60-80 as very good, and below 60 as fair/poor for most connections.

How can I improve my Waveform speed test score?

Testing wired rather than WiFi, closing unused apps, using optimal servers, and upgrading your network equipment are some ways to boost scores.

Why are my results on Waveform different than Netbaaz.com?

Small variations are normal. Significantly slower speeds on Waveform may indicate problems like network congestion or WiFi limitations affecting your connection.

Can I run a Waveform speed test on mobile?

Yes, the Waveform speed test works on iPhone, Android, and tablets. Just access it through your mobile browser like normal.

People Also Ask About the Waveform Speed Test


Does Waveform speed test work for all ISPs?

Yes, the Waveform speed test works accurately for all major ISPs. It automatically detects your provider and optimal server.

Can I use Waveform speed test on my smart TV?

Unfortunately the Waveform speed test is not directly available as an app for smart TVs. You need to access it through the TV’s web browser.

Where are Waveform speed test servers located?

Waveform maintains speed test servers in over 200 locations globally so it can connect you to the closest, optimal server for the most accurate results.

Is there a Waveform speed test app I can download?

No, Waveform does not currently offer a native speed test app. But the web-based test is mobile-optimized and can be saved to your home screen just like an app.


The Waveform speed test provides an excellent option for measuring your true internet speeds and diagnosing connectivity issues. It offers reliable accuracy on par with top tools. Take advantage of the free test along with Waveform’s other network analysis tools for deeper insight into your performance.

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