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Unraid Speed Test – Check Unraid Internet Speed Test. How to Test Your Internet Speed on Unraid. Monitoring your internet connect using Netbaaz Speedtest-Tracker

Unraid is a popular networked storage operating system that allows you to manage and share large amounts of data. With an Unraid server, you can set up powerful media servers, NAS devices, and more. To get the best performance out of your Unraid device, having fast internet speeds is crucial. Slow internet connectivity can lead to buffering, lag, and other issues when streaming or transferring files. Luckily, it’s easy to run internet speed tests right within your Unraid GUI.

Wired vs Wireless Speed Tests

When testing internet speeds on your Unraid server, it’s important to check both wired ethernet and WiFi speeds separately. Wired connections over ethernet cable typically provide faster and more reliable speeds compared to wireless. Connect your Unraid server directly to your router or modem with Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cables to get the fastest wired speeds possible.

To test WiFi speeds, connect wirelessly to the same network your Unraid server is on. Run speed tests from a wireless laptop, smartphone, or other device. Comparing wired vs wireless speeds will help you determine if your Unraid machine is configured optimally or having network issues.

Using the NerdPack SpeedTest Plugin

The easiest way to check your internet speeds right within Unraid is by using the NerdPack SpeedTest plugin. This handy plugin displays a speed test right on your Unraid dashboard.

To use it:

  1. Go to your Unraid GUI and select the “Plugins” section.
  2. Search for and install the “NerdPack SpeedTest” plugin.
  3. Once installed, go to your Unraid Dashboard page.
  4. You will now see a “SpeedTest” icon on the left side. Click it to run a speed test.

The speed test will run and show your ping, download speed, and upload speed right within the Unraid interface. No need to use extra software or web pages!

Placement Tips for Fast Wired Speeds

To get the fastest possible wired internet speeds from your Unraid device, proper placement is key. Here are some tips:

  • Position the server near your router or modem to reduce cable lengths.
  • Use short, high-quality Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cables.
  • Avoid kinking cables or wrapping them tightly.
  • Route cables away from electrical devices to reduce interference.
  • Connect your server directly to a LAN port on your router if possible.
  • Don’t place the server in a tightly enclosed space or media cabinet.

Compare Ethernet vs WiFi Speeds

As mentioned earlier, testing both wired and wireless internet speeds is important. In many cases, ethernet will provide lower latency and faster throughput. However, WiFi can sometimes be comparable depending on your network setup.

To compare, run a wired speed test from your Unraid server first. Then connect wirelessly to the same network and rerun the speed test from a laptop or mobile device. Compare the results to see if there is a discrepancy.

If WiFi speed is much slower, you may need to reposition your wireless router, use 5GHz WiFi, or reduce interference from other devices. Improving your WiFi speeds can benefit all your networked devices.

Check Speeds Throughout the Day

Internet speeds can fluctuate depending on time of day and local usage patterns. To get a clear picture of your available bandwidth, test speeds at different times of the day.

Peak evening hours are typically the busiest internet usage times. You may notice slower speeds during these high-traffic periods as your ISP throttles connections or gets overloaded.

Testing late at night or early in the morning often shows your maximum possible speeds. Check speeds every few hours and take note of any dips or congestion issues. This helps identify patterns and issues happening at specific times.

Isolate Unraid Speed Problems

If your Unraid server shows significantly slower internet speeds compared to other devices, there may be an issue with your server configuration. Try these tips to isolate Unraid-specific problems:

  • Update Unraid OS and all plugins to eliminate software issues.
  • Check cabling for any damage, kinks, or loose connections.
  • Verify network card drivers are up to date and duplex mode is set properly.
  • Scan for malware or viruses that could be slowing communications.
  • Disable VPNs or firewall rules that may be interfering.
  • Reset networking components and test again.
  • Check the Unraid support forums for help diagnosing speed discrepancies.

With some targeted troubleshooting, you can zero in on any Unraid-related factors hampering your internet performance.

Test Against Multiple Speed Test Servers

No single speed test server gives a perfect measure of your true internet speeds. To get the most accurate results, run tests repeatedly and across multiple speed test services.

Test your Unraid server’s wired and wireless speeds using a variety of online speed test sites and tools. Ookla Speedtest, Fast.com, DSLReports, and Google Broadband Speed Test are good options to try.

Compare results across these third-party speed tests. If speeds vary significantly, your network may have localized congestion or routing issues. Consistent speeds across test sites indicates your true available bandwidth.

Why Is Testing Unraid Internet Speeds Important?

Getting the fastest internet speeds out of your Unraid server provides huge benefits:

  • Faster downloads and file transfers – Large media files will download or sync much quicker.
  • Smooth video streaming – A fast connection prevents buffering issues for stutter-free video.
  • Low latency online gaming – Good speeds provide responsive, lag-free online gameplay.
  • Quick remote access – Fast uploads and downloads make remote server management easy.
  • Maximizes available bandwidth – Identify ISP throttling or other factors limiting your speeds.

Don’t settle for slow internet on your Unraid server. Run periodic speed tests and troubleshoot any issues that arise. With optimized connectivity, Unraid can truly soar.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I speed test Unraid over a VPN?

A: Yes, you can run speed tests over a VPN on Unraid. Just connect to your VPN before running tests. This checks the speed when VPN encryption is enabled.

Q: Does SpeedTest work for Unraid WireGuard VPN?

A: The NerdPack SpeedTest plugin is compatible with Unraid servers using WireGuard VPN. It will show accurate speeds based on the current network connection.

Q: Should I speed test wired and wireless Unraid connections?

A: Testing both wired ethernet and WiFi speeds is recommended to get a complete picture. Compare results to check for discrepancies or network issues.

Q: How often should I speed test my Unraid server?

A: It’s good to run periodic speed tests on Unraid, such as once per week or month. Also retest if you experience any usage issues or ISP changes.

Q: Can bad cables reduce Unraid internet speeds?

A: Yes, faulty ethernet cables with kinks, corrosion, loose connectors, or damage can bottleneck your Unraid server speed. Replace suspect cables.

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