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Speed Test Altafiber – Check your Internet Speed: Evaluating Your AltaFiber Internet Speeds

AltaFiber provides ultra-fast gigabit fiber internet to homes and businesses. With speeds up to 1 Gbps, it’s important to verify you’re getting the full performance you pay for through regular speed testing.

Using AltaFiber’s Speed Test Tool

AltaFiber offers an online speed test at speedtest.altafiber.com that measures your download and upload speeds. It’s optimized to test your AltaFiber connection by routing through their servers.

To use it, simply go to their speed test page and click “Go” to start the test. It will first ping the closest servers to locate the optimal one to route your connection through. During the speed test it transfers data to get real-world download and upload metrics.

The tool also provides your ping time (latency), packet loss percentage, and a rating of your bandwidth performance. Run multiple tests to verify consistent speeds, especially during peak evening hours when more congestion can occur.

For the most accurate results, connect your computer directly to your router via Ethernet cable instead of using WiFi. Also close other programs using bandwidth in the background.

Third-Party Internet Speed Tests

Independent speed tests can provide additional verification of your AltaFiber connection’s performance. Fast.com, Speedtest.net, and TestMy.net are good options:

  • Fast.com – Easy to use, minimal interface shows download speed using Netflix’s servers.
  • Speedtest.net – Longstanding and reliable speed test with many server options. Also shows ping and jitter.
  • TestMy.net – Detailed results include daily and weekly average speeds in graphical format.

In most cases, third-party tests should produce speeds within about 10% of AltaFiber’s own test. Significant discrepancies may indicate issues or bottlenecks interfering with your connection.

Factors Affecting AltaFiber Speed Test Results

There are a few key factors that can impact AltaFiber speed test results:

  • WiFi Limitations – Testing over a wireless connection provides lower results than a wired Ethernet connection.
  • Network Congestion – During peak times with increased neighborhood usage, your measured speeds may drop.
  • Server Proximity – Testing against a more distant server can increase latency and reduce speed results.
  • Older Hardware – Bottlenecks from outdated routers, network switches or computers affect speeds.

What to Do If You Don’t Get Advertised Speeds

If your speed tests consistently show slower than advertised speeds from AltaFiber, some steps you can take:

  • Try testing wired instead of wireless to eliminate WiFi as the issue.
  • Contact AltaFiber support if speed is consistently low at different times of day.
  • Upgrade your router if it is older than your AltaFiber service.
  • Consider upgrading to the next fastest speed plan offered in your area.
  • Replace network components like any outdated switches, cables and NICs.

Taking steps to optimize your home network can help improve speed test performance. But if AltaFiber’s advertised speeds are still not achieved, reach out to their customer support team for troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions About AltaFiber Speed Tests


How do I perform a speed test on AltaFiber?

Go to speedtest.altafiber.com and click the “Go” button. It will automatically select the closest server and test your download and upload speeds.

What speed should I expect with gigabit AltaFiber service?

Gigabit AltaFiber provides up to 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) download and upload speeds. Consistently test above 900 Mbps.

What causes lower than expected AltaFiber speeds?

Factors like WiFi limitations, congestion, server proximity, and outdated equipment can reduce speeds. Always test wired for best results.

Will AltaFiber automatically fix slow speeds?

No, you need to contact support if your speed tests consistently show slower-than-expected results so they can troubleshoot.

Do I need to pay extra for faster speed tiers with AltaFiber?

Yes, AltaFiber offers different speed plans with varying monthly costs. You can upgrade to faster speeds for an additional fee.


People Also Ask About AltaFiber Speed Tests


Why are my AltaFiber speed results different than Fast.com?

Small variations in speed tests are normal. If your AltaFiber results are significantly lower, try testing wired instead of wireless to eliminate WiFi issues.

How often should I run a speed test on AltaFiber?

It’s a good idea to test your AltaFiber connection about once per week when connected via Ethernet cable. This helps spot any changes over time.

Can I use Netbaaz.com to test my AltaFiber speed?

Yes, Netbaaz.com is a reliable third-party speed test that typically produces results very close to AltaFiber’s own speed testing tool.

Does AltaFiber optimize speed tests to show faster speeds?

There is no evidence AltaFiber artificially optimizes their speed test. Independent third-party tests closely validate their results.


Regularly testing your AltaFiber internet speeds using their own tool and third-party sites helps ensure you are getting the performance you pay for. Test wired connections and at different times of day to get a comprehensive view of real-world speeds. Contact AltaFiber support if tests consistently fall below advertised gigabit rates.

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