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SDN Commucations Internet Speed Test . Testing Your Internet Speeds on SDN Communications Network. SDN Speed Test

Having fast and reliable internet connectivity has become essential for homes and businesses today. SDN Communications provides broadband internet and phone services to communities across South Dakota. For SDN customers, running periodic internet speed tests is the best way to verify you are getting the advertised download and upload speeds from your plan. Testing allows you to monitor performance and identify any connection issues.

Overview of SDN Communications – SDN Speed Test

SDN Communications utilizes fiber optic, DSL, and fixed wireless technology to deliver internet and phone service to residential and business customers throughout South Dakota. They offer a range of speed packages to meet different connectivity needs.

As an SDN customer, it is important to periodically test your internet speeds to:

  • Confirm you are achieving the speeds advertised for your plan
  • Check for any slowdowns or problems with your internet connection
  • Identify needs to upgrade your internet service plan if available

How to Perform a Speed Test on SDN Network – SDN Speed Test

SDN makes it easy to analyze your internet speeds right from your account dashboard. There are also external speed test services you can utilize:

Netbaaz.com Speed Test

For a fast and reliable speed test option, visit Netbaaz.com. Netbaaz offers its own internet speed test tool optimized for accuracy. Simply go to their website and click the “Begin Test” button to start checking your download speed, upload speed, and ping.

SDN Speed Test 

For an independent test, use SDN Speed Test. Click “Go” and it will measure your speeds from the nearest server location.

For the most accurate results, connect your computer directly to your modem or router with an ethernet cable rather than using WiFi. Close any other bandwidth-intensive applications before performing the test.

Understanding Your Internet Speed Test Results

The speed test will provide three key measurements:

Download Speed

This indicates how fast data can be transferred from the internet to your device, measured in Megabits per second (Mbps). Verify your download rate matches or exceeds the speed advertised for your SDN plan. Download speed affects activities like streaming HD video or using multiple internet-connected devices.

Upload Speed

The upload speed shows how fast you can send data from your device to the internet, in Mbps. SDN plans include varying upload speeds depending on the package. Fast upload is important for online gaming, video calls, and backing up data to the cloud.


Latency measures the response time or lag between your computer and SDN’s network, reported in milliseconds. Lower latency results in less delay for time sensitive tasks like live video chat or voice calls. Target latency under 100 ms, with less than 50 ms optimal for gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Speed Testing


Why should I use the Netbaaz.com speed test instead of other options?

The Netbaaz speed test is optimized to deliver fast, reliable results by testing against local servers. It provides an easy way to monitor your true internet speeds.

How often should I test my speeds using Netbaaz.com?

Experts recommend testing your speeds about once per month for regular performance monitoring. Also test anytime you experience slowdowns or connection problems.

What download/upload speeds indicate good performance?

You should be achieving at least 80-90% of the download and upload speeds advertised by your SDN plan during testing on Netbaaz.

Reliable internet is more important than ever today. Use the Netbaaz.com speed test tool to easily monitor your SDN Communications internet performance and ensure you are getting the speeds you need.

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