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Getting the Most out of Your northstate Internet with Speed Tests. Northstate Speed Test – North State Communications Internet Speed Test (Average speed, Max speed )

Internet speed is more important than ever these days, with so many activities like video streaming, online gaming, and more requiring faster and more reliable connectivity. As one of the major internet service providers in the region, north state offers a range of broadband plans promising varying internet speeds. But how can you test your actual northstate internet speeds to ensure you’re getting what you pay for?

This article will guide you through testing, understanding, and improving your northstate internet connection speeds with online speed tests and other tips.

Why Should I Test My Northstate Speeds?

Before running a test, it helps to understand why internet speed matters in the first place:

  • Faster speeds allow more activities. The faster your speeds, the smoother your video calls, downloads, and ability to use multiple devices at once will be.
  • Slower speeds cause frustration. Buffering videos, lagging connections, and long load times make the internet frustrating.
  • You may pay for unused speed. Your plan might offer 100 Mbps downloads, but you’ll only hit those maximums with a reliable, high-performing connection.

Testing helps identify issues like underperforming equipment, WiFi interference, or if you simply need to upgrade your northstate plan.

So while speed tests don’t guarantee a fast internet connection, they help you understand what speeds you are actually getting.

How to Test Northstate Speeds

You have a few different options to test northstate internet speeds:

  • Web-based speed tests are easy to use online speed check tools. They measure the download/upload speeds between your device and a remote server.
  • Router-based tests are run via the admin interface of your northstate router. They can isolate wifi vs ethernet speeds.
  • Speed test apps can provide more detailed testing and troubleshooting capabilities.

While router-based tests are helpful for troubleshooting, most users will want to start with an online speed test.

Online northstate Speed Tests

Convenient and easy to use, online speed tests simply require you to navigate to the tool in a web browser and click a button to begin. Here are some of the top options:

  • Speedtest.net
  • Fast.com
  • DSL Reports
  • Speakeasy Speed Test
  • Netbaaz.com

For accurate results, be sure to run these tests over an ethernet connection if possible and close any other bandwidth-intensive programs. Multiple tests will also help identify any outliers.

Jot down your results including the upload and download speeds, latency, location of the test server, and time of day. This helps compare performance over time and potential usage impacts.

Are internet and wifi speeds the same thing?

No – your internet speeds refer to the maximum capability of your broadband plan and equipment via a wired ethernet connection. Wifi is an additional network on top, so will never fully reach the speeds of your underlying internet. Lots of factors like router capability, signal strength, interference and more can affect wifi speeds separately from your internet plan. This is why testing both is so important. {{< /vs >}}

Understanding northstate Speed Test Results

The two main metrics measured by internet speed tests are:

  • Download Speed – How fast you can pull data down from the internet to your device
  • Upload Speed – How fast you can push data from your device up to the internet

Results are shown in Mbps – or megabits per second. So a download speed of 100 Mbps equals 100 megabits downloaded each second.

Latency is also important – this shows how responsive the connection is. Latency is measured in milliseconds (ms). The lower the number, the more instantaneous your connectivity will feel.

Here’s how your northstate speed test results might look:

  • Download Speed: 98 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 12 Mbps
  • Latency: 22 ms

So what do these numbers mean for your northstate service?

Can I Get My Advertised North State Speeds?

northstate offers internet packages with advertised speeds up to 1 Gig. However, the speeds you actually achieve depend on equipment, traffic levels, geography and more.

Expect to regularly hit 70-80% of your advertised northstate speeds over ethernet, give or take. This still allows fast performance for most needs. Slower speeds might indicate issues for northstate to address.

Over wifi, expect even lower speeds – often less than half your maximum rates. There are many factors in your home impacting wifi connectivity.

How can I test and improve my northstate wifi speeds?

Fixes for slower northstate wifi include:

  • Test closer to your router
  • Reduce interference from other devices
  • Switch to 5Ghz band instead of 2.4Ghz
  • Upgrade router equipment if older/underperforming
  • Strategically place router in central location
  • Replace router antennas
  • Limit number of simultaneous connections

Factors Impacting northstate Speed Test Results

If your speed tests come back consistently low, what might be the culprit? Common factors are:

  • Old cables – Replace any ethernet cables older than a few years.
  • Equipment issues – Older modems/routers can bottleneck speeds.
  • Too many connected devices – Try testing with some devices offline.
  • Bandwidth overusage – Check for and minimize data heavy activities.
  • Network congestion – Peak evening hours often have slower speeds.
  • Background downloads – Pause any software updates downloading.
  • Website server issues – Try testing against multiple speed test servers.

How to Improve Slow northstate Speeds

If your northstate speed test results are lower than expected, what can you do? Here are tips for faster speeds:

  • Use a wired connection where possible – this eliminates most wifi variables.
  • Upgrade your router if older than 3 years or underperforming.
  • Adjust router placement to be more central within your home.
  • Enable QoS on router to prioritize speed for key devices.
  • Check for interference and setting router to least congested channel.
  • Contact northstate if consistently getting less than 70% expected speeds to address issues.
  • Upgrade Your Package if 100+ Mbps speeds are needed for your usage.

Ongoing speed tests help determine if adjustments are working and when more upgrades might be required.

Additional northstate Speed Test Resources

For further monitoring and improving your northstate internet speeds:

Key Takeaways on northstate Speed Tests

Getting faster speeds almost always requires periodic testing and troubleshooting. The above northstate speed test guide covered:

  • The importance of periodically checking both internet and wifi speeds.
  • How to easily test speeds using popular online tools.
  • What speed metrics like download, upload and latency indicate.
  • Factors that can positively or negatively impact your speeds.
  • Tips for addressing identified speed issues.
  • Where to look if further speed improvements are needed.

Knowing current performance and where bottlenecks exist allows you to maximize your northstate internet connectivity. Test early and often!

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