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Testing Your Internet Speed with Lumos Networks’ Built-In Tool

Having fast and reliable internet is extremely important today for work, entertainment, and communication. Lumos Networks offers broadband and fiber internet services across parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern US. They provide a speed test tool to help customers measure their current internet performance. This article will look at how Lumos Networks customers can use the speed test to optimize speeds.

Accessing Lumos Networks’ Speed Test

Lumos Networks customers can easily locate the speed test by going to speedtest.lumosnetworks.com. You’ll need to log into your Lumos Networks account before running a test.

The speed test page is also accessible through the customer portal once logged in. Look for the “Internet Speed Test” link.

Running a Lumos Networks Speed Test

For the most accurate results, connect your computer directly to your Lumos Networks modem or router using an ethernet cable before starting the test. This prevents wi-fi bottlenecks that may limit speeds. Position the computer close to the modem for a strong signal.

On the speed test page, select “Begin Test” to start the process. It will check ping times first, then measure your download and upload speeds. The full test takes around 30 seconds to complete.

Reviewing Your Lumos Networks Speed Results

Once the test finishes, your measured download and upload speeds will be displayed in Mbps (megabits per second). Ping time is shown in ms (milliseconds).

Compare these speeds to those advertised for your specific Lumos Networks internet plan. If your speeds are significantly lower than expected, run additional tests over the next few days at different times. Contact support if speeds continue to lag behind your plan’s rates.

Factors Impacting Lumos Networks Internet Speeds

Some variables that can influence your real-world speeds include:

  • Connecting devices over wi-fi versus wired ethernet
  • Network usage and congestion during peak evening hours
  • Infrastructure and technology limitations in your area
  • Outdated cables, modems or routers
  • Too many devices connecting to your home network at once
  • Exceeding your monthly data allowance resulting in throttled speeds

Troubleshooting Slow Lumos Networks Speeds

If your speed tests are slower than anticipated, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Reboot your modem and router to reset connections
  • Inspect all cables for damage and replace if needed
  • Test hardwired speeds with different devices to confirm issues
  • Evaluate home network usage for bandwidth-intensive activities
  • Contact Lumos Networks support to assess equipment problems or network needs
  • Consider upgrading to a higher speed internet plan if your needs have increased

The Importance of Regular Speed Testing

Conducting periodic speed tests through Lumos Networks’ tool provides value like:

  • Verifying you get the speeds you pay for based on your subscribed plan
  • Noticing any dips in performance early so they can be addressed
  • Optimizing your home network setup and devices for faster speeds
  • Building an ongoing record of your internet speeds from a consistent source

Use Lumos Networks’ speed test regularly to monitor your internet health and speeds over time. This helps ensure fast, reliable performance across all your devices.


Lumos Networks’ built-in speed test provides a quick and easy way for customers to measure real-world internet download and upload speeds. For accuracy, use a wired ethernet connection on a computer located near your modem. Compare results to your plan speeds to confirm you get the advertised performance. Contact Lumos Networks support if tests reveal major speed discrepancies.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Lumos Networks’ speed test work on mobile devices?

A: Yes, their speed test is mobile-friendly and can be run on smartphones and tablets connected via wi-fi or mobile data.

Q: How often should I test my Lumos Networks internet speeds?

A: It’s recommended to test about once a month or any time you experience sluggish speeds to identify issues promptly.

Q: What speed is required for online gaming or 4K streaming?

A: For gaming, 25+ Mbps download speed is recommended. For smooth 4K streaming across multiple devices, 50-100 Mbps or higher is ideal.

Q: What should I do if speed tests show lower than expected speeds?

A: Contact Lumos Networks support if your speeds are consistently below your subscribed plan rates. They can troubleshoot and optimize your internet speeds.

Q: Where can I find terms and conditions for Lumos Networks services?

A: Full details on Lumos Networks internet plans and services are available on their website under Support > Legal > Terms & Policies.

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