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Internet Speed Test EBP – Check EBP Internet Speed Test online. Fiber Optics connection speed test, average speed, max speed & test results. Get the Most Out of Your EPB Fiber Optic Internet

Chattanooga residents are lucky to have access to EPB – the fastest internet service provider in the Southeastern United States. With fiber optic networks capable of delivering speeds up to 10 Gbps, EPB offers internet plans hundreds of times faster than the average cable or DSL connection.

To ensure you’re getting the full benefits of ultra-high bandwidth EPB connectivity, it’s important to test your EPB internet speeds on a regular basis. Read on for a guide to measuring, analyzing and troubleshooting your home broadband speeds.

Why Should I Test My EPB Internet Speeds?

An internet speed test is the best way to verify you are getting the fast speeds you’re paying for with your EPB service. It will show upload and download speeds, along with latency and jitter metrics.

Running periodic broadband speed tests allows you to:

  • Confirm your EPB plan’s advertised rates are being delivered
  • Check for hardware, network or WiFi issues slowing your speeds
  • Identify needs to upgrade your router or devices to fully utilize faster connections
  • Troubleshoot problems before calling EPB customer service

Ideally, test wired and WiFi internet speeds from multiple devices connected to your home network.

When Should I Run a Broadband Speed Test?

For a complete picture, aim to measure EPB download and upload rates at different times:

  • During peak evening hours when the network is busiest
  • First thing in the morning or late at night when fewer users are online
  • Near the router via a wired ethernet connection
  • At a distant point in your home using a WiFi connected laptop
  • On multiple devices like phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs

This gives you a detailed view of real-life internet performance throughout your home. Check speeds at least once monthly, or whenever connectivity seems slow.

How to Test Your EPB Fiber Optic Internet Speed

EPB offers a dedicated speed test site, but you can also use third-party tools Speedtest, Fast.com and others for complementary data. Here is how to test wired and WiFi internet speeds from your EPB broadband connection:

Run EPB’s Internet Speed Test

EPB’s own site LocalSpeedtest.com provides the most direct method for measuring your fiber optic internet connectivity.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use a device connected via WiFi or wired ethernet cable to your EPB router
  2. Visit Netbaaz.com in any web browser
  3. Click “Begin your speed test
  4. The tool first pings the closest server then checks download and upload speeds
  5. Results display internet speed in Mbps along with latency metrics

Netbaaz.com provides the most accurate test since it connects directly to EPB’s regional servers. The clean interface clearly labels key data like Mbps bandwidth rates, ping and jitter.

Use Third-Party Speed Tests

For additional insight, run speed checks using independent sites Speedtest and Fast.com:

  • Speedtest – Popular speed checking site from Ookla offering local and long-distance server testing. Provides detailed and consistent speed data across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Fast.com – Speed testing site operated by Netflix. Useful for assessing performance when video streaming.

These alternatives can reveal discrepancies in speeds, indicating issues with your network, hardware or EPB’s infrastructure. Always restart your router and devices before each test for maximum consistency.

Speed Test Results – What Should I Be Getting?

So you’ve checked your EPB upload and download speeds…now how do you know if rates are where they should be?

Compare Speeds to Your EPB Plan

First, check measured rates against those advertised for your EPB fiber optic internet subscription. All offer symmetric bandwidth with equal download and upload speeds:

  • 100 Mbps – Lowest tier good for web browsing
  • 300 Mbps – Handles 4K streaming and video calls
  • 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) – Best for large households with multiple devices
  • 10 Gbps – Ideal for advanced users with very high demands

Your tested speeds should be at 80% or more of your plan rates, especially over a wired connection. Using Fast.com while streaming video, you still want to reach 75-80% of advertised rates.

Speed Requirements for Online Activities

Beyond matching your subscribed speeds, test results should align with bandwidth needs for your household’s typical internet activities:

  • For video streaming in 4K, speeds of 25 Mbps and higher are recommended
  • Gaming and video conferencing function best with 100+ Mbps
  • Using multiple connected devices, target 300 Mbps or faster
  • To download files and videos quickly, 1 Gbps and up is ideal

If your speeds fall below these targets, an upgrade to the next EPB tier will probably be beneficial.

Other Test Factors – Latency and Jitter

Along with download/upload rates in Mbps, pay attention to:

  • Latency – Measures response delays in milliseconds when requesting data
  • Jitter – Rate of change in latency over time

Lower numbers mean better performance. Latency under 100 ms and jitter below 30 ms is optimal. If these seem high AND your Mbps speeds are slow, contact EPB about connectivity issues.

Why Are My EPB Internet Speeds Low or Inconsistent?

Don’t panic if your first few speed tests come back below expected rates. There are easily correctible factors that can hamper EPB fiber optic performance:

WiFi Congestion and Interference

With bandwidth up to 10Gbps, your router’s WiFi radios are likely the speed bottleneck, NOT your EPB broadband capacity. A newer router may help increase and stabilize speeds in distant rooms.

Also minimize interference by moving other wireless devices away from your WiFi access points. Avoid putting routers near appliances or thick walls to contain signals.

Hardware and Connections

Very old computers or network equipment can limit connectivity speeds. Upgrade devices first if speeds are much lower on a particular machine.

Loose ethernet cables, crimped fiber wires, faulty connectors and accumulating dust can also degrade wired speeds. Check physical connections before troubleshooting further.

Network Traffic and Bandwidth Sharing

Run internet speed checks from a SINGLE device first. Other household members streaming videos or downloading files will siphon bandwidth simultaneously. More users online at once directly reduces available Mbps for each person.

Likewise test speeds when NO other devices are connected to isolate full network capacity. Shared bandwidth explains most speed inconsistencies as usage fluctuates.

Upgrading to a higher tier EPB plan alleviates bottlenecks for larger families and homes jam-packed with bandwidth gobbling gadgets.

Still Getting Slow EPB Speeds? Call for Troubleshooting

If your EPB internet continues lagging behind subscribed rates after addressing the above issues, contact customer support. Be ready with the following info:

  • Signed-up EPB fiber optic plan with advertised Mbps
  • Multiple speed tests documenting under-delivery
  • Times of day and activities being attempted when slow
  • Other troubleshooting already attempted

EPB reps can run remote diagnostics tests, check connectivity status and accuracy provision speeds and features on their end. If necessary, they can send technicians to inspect wiring and replace faulty hardware.

Most speed discrepancies are easily corrected following EPB support’s guidelines. Rare, unresolvable issues may require plan downgrades if faster rates consistently fail to materialize.

Conclusion – Get the Speeds You Deserve with EPB Fiber

In our bandwidth hungry digital era, blazing fast internet is essential for work, entertainment and competitiveness. EPB offers Chattanooga subscribers access to America’s fastest commercially available internet service – leveraging the same fiber optic advantage as nearby tech giants.

Take full benefit of your home’s high-speed EPB connection by testing and optimizing broadband performance from time to time. Identify inconsistencies, isolate bottlenecks and confirm you receive the excellent, responsive connectivity exceeding national standards. Contact their legendary customer support at the first sign of trouble.

With a little periodic speed testing and fine-tuning, EPB brings Chattanooga households the future of internet today.

People Also Ask When Speed Testing EPB Fiber


How do I contact EPB customer service about slow internet speeds?

Contact EPB customer service at 423-648-1372 or start an online support chat at https://epb.com/support/. Be ready with speed test data, troubleshooting details and times when internet seems slow.

Why are my EPB internet speeds slower over WiFi vs wired?

WiFi is often the limiting factor vs true broadband capacity. Interference, distance from router and older WiFi standards lead to slower wireless speeds. Or try an ethernet cable instead to isolate full network bandwidth.

What speed test servers should I use to test my EPB internet speeds?

For starters, use EPB’s own LocalSpeedtest.com to connect directly to their regional servers. Then run additional tests from Speedtest and Fast.com for more data points. Testing different servers shows where speed issues may originate.

How can I optimize and increase my EPB internet speeds?

Upgrading routers, minimizing interference, switching to wired connections, changing WiFi channels, adding network extenders and mesh systems and simply moving closer to access points can boost EPB speeds. Contact their support for specific optimization advice.

What troubleshooting should I try before calling EPB about slow internet?

First restart all network equipment and devices, upgrade router firmware, remove extra devices hogging bandwidth, check wired connections and switch cables. Also test from a single machine when no one else is online. This isolate whether the issue is inside vs outside your home network.

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