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How to Test Your Fidelity Internet Speeds . Fidelity Speed Test – Check Your Wifi, Broadband Internet Speed. Check speed test on Netbaaz.com  This tool will show your current download and upload speeds

Fidelity Communications provides cable internet and fiber internet across several states, with the company promoting speeds up to 1 Gbps. However, real-life speeds users experience can often differ from advertised performance.

This article will cover how to use Fidelity’s online speed test tool to check your actual download speeds, upload speeds and latency. Follow our troubleshooting tips if your speeds fail expectations.

Overview of Fidelity Speed Tiers

Fidelity advertises the following maximum internet speeds across their residential fiber and cable plans:

  • Essential plan – 50 Mbps download / 5 Mbps upload
  • Power plan – 100 Mbps / 10 Mbps
  • Ultra plan – 300 Mbps / 20 Mbps
  • Gigabit plan – 1000 Mbps / 1000 Mbps

Bear in mind that over a Wi-Fi connection, you will achieve 30-50% lower speeds than when directly wiring your computer or device to the Fidelity modem. Interference and router capabilities reduce wireless speeds.

People Also Ask:


What speed should I expect with the 100 Mbps Fidelity plan?

Over an ethernet wired connection, the 100 Mbps plan should deliver 80-100 Mbps down reliably via Fidelity’s speed test. On Wi-Fi, you can expect 50-70 Mbps down depending on your router model and placement.

Why doesn’t Fidelity speed match what I pay for?

Peak neighborhood usage during evenings can temporarily slow your speeds. Chronic issues however indicate either wiring problems inside your home, or infrastructure limitations needing Fidelity support help.

How to Test Fidelity Internet Speeds

Fidelity provides an online speed testing tool for customers:

To test Fidelity speeds:

  1. Visit speedtest.fidelitycommunications.com
  2. For best accuracy, connect your computer directly to modem using ethernet cable
  3. Run Fidelity’s speed test and allow 30+ seconds for completion
  4. Key results are download/upload Mbps and latency in milliseconds

Repeat over Wi-Fi also to compare wireless vs wired performance on your home network.

Interpreting Fidelity Speed Test Results

Focus first on your download and upload speeds displayed in Mbps (Megabits Per Second). Compare these against the maximum internet speeds your active Fidelity plan is provisioned to deliver.

For example, if you pay for 300 Mbps down on an Ultra plan, but your speed test connected directly via ethernet to router shows only 150 Mbps, a major shortfall exists needing intervention.

Latency indicates the ping response time between your device and Fidelity’s servers. Under 30 ms is excellent while over 90 ms significantly impacts internet quality through lag, buffering etc.

Why Your Fidelity Speeds May Underperform

If your tested Fidelity speeds fail to match subscribed plan rates consistently even when wired directly, there are a few possible culprits to check before contacting support:

Wi-Fi Interference in Home

Microwaves, thick walls, far router distance and neighbor Wi-Fi signals can all hamper wireless speeds. Test different router Placement and frequencies.

Outdated Network Gear Firmware

Modem/router firmware that is not updated to latest can cripple speeds. Check admin interface for ability to upgrade firmware to manufacturer latest.

Area Outages and Congestion

Temp fiber cuts by construction crews or peak evening usage congestion can slow Fidelity speeds intermittently even if your home setup is robust.

Tips For Improving Slow Fidelity Internet Speeds

If your Fidelity speed tests continue reflecting slower than advertised rates systematically, try:

Inspect All Wiring and Connectors

Loose coaxial cables from external junctions leading into your home wiring can throttle connectivity speeds and signal strength. Check for any wiring issues.

Upgrade to Higher Tier Plan If Necessary

If your current Fidelity plan is consistently under-delivering wired speeds to all your devices, upgrading to next tier plan may resolve by provisioning more bandwidth.

Change Router Placement

If Wi-Fi specifically underperforms despite robust wired speeds, relocate the router closer to primary usage areas and away from potential interference.

Why Regular Speed Testing Is Crucial

One-off speed tests only provide a snapshot in time. The true indication of consistent performance comes from running Fidelity’s speed checking tool at different times:

  • Morning versus evening congestion
  • Heavy usage times like weekends
  • Before/after firmware upgrades
  • Week-to-week consistency

Trend analysis over weeks helps identify one-off dips in speed versus chronic underlying issues. Logging results also aids troubleshooting if you need to later contact Fidelity tech support regarding under performance.

Is Fidelity internet good for gaming?

Fidelity’s higher tier plans above 100 Mbps make their internet reliability suitable for online gaming, supported by low latency on their fiber network. Top-tier plans up to 1 Gbps download speeds ensure brisk performance for gaming devices. Wi-Fi reliability can be an issue gaming so test speeds first wired directly to the modem. Enable QoS on your router to prioritize gaming devices traffic. Also connect consoles via ethernet rather than wireless if possible. Contact Fidelity to disable any extra latency-inducing security filters on your line.

Summarizing Fidelity Internet Speed Testing Best Practices

In closing, while Fidelity advertises attractive maximum internet speeds, it is vital to actually test performance regularly using their online speed checking tool:

  • Test over a wired ethernet connection for accuracy
  • Run checks multiple times daily and over weeks
  • Note patterns indicating peak neighborhood usage times
  • Upgrade plan if wired speeds still underperforming
  • Check firmware, cables, interference before contacting support
  • Provide technical support a log of speed tests to aid diagnosis

Getting your money’s worth on internet relies on achieving real-world speeds matching what is advertised. Fidelity’s online speed test allows you to validate this.

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