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How to Test Your enTouch Internet Speed and Performance. Entouch Speed Test – Check Astound Broadband Internet Speed, Wifi Speed Test.

Having a fast and reliable internet connection is more vital today than ever before, with work, entertainment, shopping and more daily activities moving online. Entouch offers broadband internet services in [areas serviced]. As an entouch subscriber, you want to be fully utilizing the speeds you pay for. Running periodic entouch speed tests helps you measure and understand the real-world performance.

Why Should I Check My Entouch Internet Speeds?

Some key reasons for periodically testing speeds over your entouch WiFi or wired home network connections:

  • Identify if your entouch internet speeds are slower than your subscribed speed tier.
  • Troubleshoot what could be slowing your streaming, downloads and overall internet experience.
  • Provide entouch customer support measurable speed data if needed to address issues.

Internet speed tests quantify your entouch connection’s download and upload data transfer rates. This helps gauge performance for downloading content from online services as well as uploading videos, photos and other data to cloud apps and social platforms from your home network.

How to Test ENTOUCH Download & Upload Speeds

It’s easy to measure your real-life entouch internet speeds. Let’s explore popular speed test platforms:

1. Use Fast.com For a Quick Entouch Speed Check

Fast.com provides a simple speed test optimized for testing streaming speed:

  • Open fast.com in any browser over your entouch WiFi or wired connection.
  • It automatically runs a test, displaying your entouch download speed in Mbps within 30 seconds.

2. Run an Extended Test on Netbaaz.com

Netbaaz.com is a more advanced internet speed testing tool:

  • Go to netbaaz.com and click Go to measure entouch’s download & upload speeds.
  • The site first pings your connection, then downloads and uploads random data packets to test transfer rates.
  • It returns entouch download speed, upload speed and ping (latency).

3. Use Google Broadband Speed Test

Google also offers its own simplified speed testing site:

  • Open projectstream.google.com/speedtest on your home network.
  • Click Start to measure your entouch internet connection’s download and upload performance.

What Does a Slow Entouch Speed Test Result Mean?

Some key speed test measurements to understand:

  • Download Speed: Data transfer rate when downloading data like webpages, streaming media etc. Requires sufficient bandwidth provisioning by entouch.
  • Upload Speed: Data transfer rate when uploading photos, videos from your device to cloud services. Impacts experience with online backups, video calls.
  • Latency (Ping): Network delay between device and remote services. High latency affects responsiveness of real-time apps and online gaming. Excellent is under 20 ms.

If your entouch speed test results are much below what your package offers, what could cause insufficient speeds?

Why is My Entouch Internet Speed Slow?

Some key reasons can contribute to entouch internet speeds slower than what you pay for:

WiFi Issues: Weak signals, interference, congestion lowers WiFi throughput significantly.

Old/Slow Hardware: Outdated routers, network cards unable to cope with faster internet plans of 100 Mbps or higher.

Infrastructure Congestion: Entouch network capacity unable handle increasing usage at peak times in your locality resulting in slower speeds.

Incorrect Subscription Plans: Internet usage needs and patterns might require higher speed tier.

Line Quality Problems: Faults, noise or configuration issues with the physical telephone line providing DSL internet connectivity resulting in speed issues.

Bandwidth Throttling: Video streaming and downloads deliberately slowed down after hitting data caps in some plans.

By testing methodically and isolating the above factors, you can narrow down what’s impeding your entouch internet speeds.

How to Fix Slow Entouch Internet Speed Issues

If your detailed entouch speed tests over both WiFi and wired Ethernet at different times of day point to consistently slower-than-advertised internet performance, consider the following troubleshooting steps and upgrades:

  • Contact entouch support to report slow speeds and get technical inspection or resolution if needed.
  • Upgrade internet package for higher speeds if existing plan is unable to cope with connected devices and usage.
  • Check devices WiFi adapter technology and upgrade modems/routers for best speeds.
  • Improve WiFi coverage across home with better router placement, WiFi extenders to eliminate dead zones.
  • Connect stationary devices like desktops directly to modem/router via Ethernet cable.

Taking the right approaches to test and improve entouch internet speeds delivers much better modem broadband experiences.

FAQs About Entouch Internet Speed Tests

Some common questions about checking entouch internet speeds further explained:

How often should I test my entouch internet speed?

Run an entouch speed test once a month during peak usage evening hours to check your real-world maximum speeds capability. Additionally test after upgrades or changes to your WiFi network to validate speed improvements.

Does distance from telephone exchange affect entouch DSL speeds?

Yes, entouch DSL internet speeds are normally slower the farther your premises are from the telephone exchange providing the connectivity, due to greater loss over the long lengths of copper telephone line to your location.

What entouch speed is good for online gaming?

Competitive online multiplayer games require very responsive networks with low ping times. For good gaming experience over entouch broadband, aim for internet download speeds of at least 25 Mbps and ping times under 50 ms consistently.

Can I upgrade my entouch internet speed plan online?

Yes, entouch allows subscribers to easily check higher speed internet plans availability and upgrade to faster download speeds online through their self-service customer portal once logged into your account without needing new connections.

People Also Ask on Google About Entouch Speed Tests

Here are some answers to related entouch internet speed assessment questions web searchers also frequently ask:

How can I make my entouch WiFi faster?

Upgrading to latest, high-performance wireless router models, adding WiFi range extenders to eliminate signal dead zones, reducing wireless channel interference and switching more devices to wired Ethernet connectivity can help maximize entouch WiFi speeds.

Why is my fiber internet slow when connected to WiFi?

With entouch fiber internet, consistently slow WiFi speeds while wired connections deliver full speed indicates the WiFi network is the performance bottleneck – not the high-speed fiber backbone. Solutions include upgrading WiFi router model, adding wireless access points and improving coverage across rooms.

Is a 50 Mbps home internet speed good for a family?

Entouch’s 50 Mbps internet download speed tier allows for smooth operation even with multiple family members simultaneously surfing web, emailing, streaming HD video and music. Higher 100-200 Mbps plans provide buffer for more devices and heavier usage.

How can I check internet speed on my mobile?

You can easily check your entouch mobile internet speeds on your smartphone by downloading speed test apps like Speedtest by Ookla and Fast from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Run tests from different locations to compare WiFi vs cellular data speeds.

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