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Testing Your Internet Speeds with Cincinnati Bell’s Speed Tool

Having fast internet speeds is crucial for everything we do online today – video streaming, web surfing, online gaming, and more. Cincinnati Bell provides a simple speed test tool for customers to measure their current download and upload internet speeds. This article will examine how to use Cincinnati Bell’s speed test and how it can help optimize your home internet performance.

Accessing Cincinnati Bell’s Speed Test

To use Cincinnati Bell’s speed test tool, you first need to log into your Cincinnati Bell account online or via their mobile app. Under the My Services section, find and select the Speed Test option. This will load the interactive tool.

You can take the test right in your browser window on a computer or mobile device. There is no additional software to install. The speed test will run against your Cincinnati Bell internet connection.

Running the Internet Speed Test

When ready to test your speeds, first connect your computer or mobile device directly to your modem/router via ethernet cable if possible. This eliminates any wi-fi bottlenecks that could limit results. Use a device close to your router or modem so the signal is strong. Close out of other programs using bandwidth.

Now select Go to start the speed test. It will first check ping and jitter, then measure your download and upload speeds in real-time. The test runs for around 30 seconds, displaying your results when finished.

Reviewing Your Cincinnati Bell Speed Test Results

When your test completes, you will see your Download and Upload speeds shown in Mbps (Megabits per second), along with Ping time in ms (milliseconds).

Compare your measured speeds to the speeds your Cincinnati Bell plan advertises. For example, you should see download speeds of around 100-110 Mbps on a 100 Mbps tier. Significantly lower measured speeds may indicate an issue.

If your speeds are slower than expected, first retry the test a few times. Speed can fluctuate through the day. If results remain consistently low, contact Cincinnati Bell support to investigate.

Factors Impacting Your Internet Speeds

Some variables that can affect your internet performance include:

  • WiFi congestion from too many devices
  • Running multiple bandwidth intensive apps
  • Peak usage times in your neighborhood
  • Outdated cables, router or modem
  • Data usage exceeding your monthly limits

Cincinnati Bell may implement network management policies to ensure equitable speeds for all customers during congested periods. Very high data usage can also result in throttled speeds.

Troubleshooting Your Cincinnati Bell Internet Speeds

If your test reveals slower than advertised Cincinnati Bell speeds, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Reboot your modem and router – Power cycle to reset connections.
  • Check cables for damage – Replace defective ethernet cables limiting performance.
  • Test hardwired speeds on different devices – Confirm it’s not a device-specific issue.
  • Evaluate your home usage patterns – Look for heavy bandwidth applications or activity spikes dragging down speed.
  • Contact customer support – They can assess equipment issues and area network capacity.
  • Consider upgrading your Cincinnati Bell plan – If you consistently need faster speeds with your usage patterns.

The Value of Regular Internet Speed Checks

Testing your Cincinnati Bell internet speeds periodically provides many benefits:

  • Verifies you receive the performance you pay for based on your plan.
  • Quickly spots any dips that may indicate problems needing attention.
  • Helps optimize your home network setup for faster speeds to all devices.
  • Allows you to monitor your speeds over time from a consistent testing source.

Use Cincinnati Bell’s speed test tool as part of periodic checkups on your internet health to maximize your connection speeds.


Cincinnati Bell’s speed test provides a quick and easy way for customers to measure real-world download and upload internet speeds. Run it over a wired ethernet connection for the most accurate results. Compare your measured performance against your advertised plan speeds to ensure you get the fast internet Cincinnati Bell promises. Reach out to tech support if your test reveals any major discrepancies or slow speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Cincinnati Bell’s speed test work on mobile devices?

A: Yes, their online speed test tool works on both mobile and desktop devices by logging into your account. For best accuracy, use a wired connection on a desktop computer.

Q: How often should I run the Cincinnati Bell speed test?

A: It’s a good idea to test your speeds about once a month or whenever you experience sluggish internet performance to identify any problems.

Q: What speeds are required for online gaming or streaming?

A: For gaming, 25 Mbps download speeds are recommended. For 4K streaming, minimum speeds of 25 Mbps are also needed, though faster is better.

Q: What happens if my speed test shows lower than advertised speeds?

A: Contact Cincinnati Bell customer support to troubleshoot and identify any issues impacting your speeds. They will work to optimize your connection speeds.

Q: Where can I find the terms of Cincinnati Bell’s internet service plans?

A: Full details on pricing, speeds, and terms & conditions for Cincinnati Bell internet plans are available on their website cincinnatibell.com under Shop, then Internet.

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