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Checking Your Internet Speed with a Blackfoot Speed Test

Getting fast and reliable internet is key for many daily activities like streaming, gaming, and working from home. Blackfoot Communications provides fiber internet and cable broadband services to homes and businesses across Montana. If you are a Blackfoot internet customer, it’s important to periodically check the download and upload speeds you are actually getting compared to the advertised speeds from your plan. Running a quick Blackfoot speed test can help you monitor your internet performance and troubleshoot any connection issues.

What is a Speed Test and Why Does it Matter?

A speed test is a tool that measures the real-world download and upload speeds of your internet connection. It works by transferring data between your computer and a remote server and calculating the data transfer rates.

Speed tests are important because they allow you to confirm that your internet service provider (ISP) like Blackfoot is delivering the connection performance you are paying for. The results will reveal if you are getting speeds in line with your plan, or if the speeds are slower than advertised.

Reasons to Run a Blackfoot Speed Test:

  • Verify you are getting the download and upload speeds advertised in your Blackfoot plan. If speeds are lower, you may need to upgrade your internet package.
  • Troubleshoot internet connectivity problems by checking speeds at different times of day when issues occur.
  • Identify needs for higher bandwidth activities like video streaming in 4K or online gaming.
  • Provide data when contacting Blackfoot support about slow internet issues.

How to Perform a Blackfoot Speed Test

Running a speed test on your Blackfoot home internet connection is quick and easy to do. Here are two options:

Use Netbaaz.com

The website Netbaaz.com by Netbaaz is a popular independent speed test service. Simply go to their website and click the large “Go” button to start the test. Speedtest will measure your connection’s latency (ping), download speed, and upload speed from the browser.

Use Blackfoot’s Official Speed Test

Blackfoot also provides its own online speed test at http://speedtest.blackfoot.com. This tests the same metrics as Speedtest.net but runs the test from Blackfoot’s servers.

For the most accurate results from either speed test, connect your computer directly to your modem or router via ethernet cable. Also close any other open programs using bandwidth like video streaming or gaming. Running the test multiple times can help account for fluctuations too.

Understanding Your Blackfoot Speed Test Results

The speed test will provide several key measurements:

Download Speed

This shows how fast data can be transferred from the internet to your device, measured in Megabits per second (Mbps). Check that your download rate meets or exceeds the advertised download speed from your Blackfoot plan. For example, the 200 Mbps plan should provide download speeds of around 200 Mbps.

Upload Speed

The upload speed indicates how fast you can send data from your computer out to the internet, in Mbps. Blackfoot’s fiber plans advertise different upload speeds depending on the plan, typically 10 Mbps up to 100 Mbps. Upload speed is important for activities like online video calls or sharing large files.


This metric measures the response time between your device and Blackfoot’s network, reported in milliseconds (ms). Lower latency results in less lag, which is vital for real-time connections like online gaming. Anything under 100 ms is good, while competitive gaming requires ping under 50 ms.

What if My Speeds are Slower Than Expected?

Don’t panic if your Blackfoot speed test results are a bit lower than the advertised speeds, especially during peak congestion times. But if your speeds are significantly slower or consistently failing to reach the rates you are paying for, there are a few steps to take:

  • Try restarting your modem and router to refresh the connection.
  • Connect devices directly to router with ethernet cable and re-run speed test.
  • Contact Blackfoot support about running diagnostics on your connection.
  • Upgrade to a faster internet package if available for your location.

Reliable internet speeds are vital for work and entertainment today. Periodically running a quick Blackfoot speed test can help you monitor your performance and ensure you are getting the fast fiber optic or cable speeds advertised. Contact their team if you have any ongoing issues getting the bandwidth you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blackfoot Speed Tests


Why is my Blackfoot speed test showing speeds lower than what I pay for?

There are a few possible reasons your Blackfoot speed test results may show slower than advertised speeds:

  • Connection during peak congestion times – try testing at off-peak hours like late night.
  • WiFi interference or obstructions slowing your wireless signal – try using ethernet cable.
  • Older computer, router, modem hardware unable to hit top speeds – consider upgrading equipment.
  • Issues with wiring or connection infrastructure – contact Blackfoot support.
  • Need to upgrade your internet plan package to higher speed tier.

How often should I run a Blackfoot speed test?

It’s a good idea to run a Blackfoot speed test regularly like once per month to check your internet performance. Also test anytime you notice slowdowns or connection problems to identify issues.

Can I run a speed test on my phone?

Yes, you can run speed tests on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets connected to your Blackfoot home WiFi. This can help diagnose wireless dead zones and interference issues. Use apps like Netbaaz or Blackfoot’s mobile speed test.

Do speed tests use up my Blackfoot data allowance?

Running occasional speed tests will consume a small amount of your Blackfoot monthly data, usually less than 100 MB. This minimal usage is unlikely to impact your overall data limits for the month. Limit testing to once a week or month to minimize data usage.

Getting the internet speeds you pay for is important. The Blackfoot speed test is a quick and useful tool for any customers to confirm your bandwidth performance and identify any issues needing troubleshooting. Check your download and upload speeds regularly to optimize your internet experience.

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