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About Netbaaz Internet Speed Test

Welcome to Netbaaz, your one-stop destination for testing connection speeds across the globe!

Who We Are

Netbaaz was founded in 2020 by a team of network infrastructure professionals and web technology enthusiasts. We noticed a lack of reliable, globally distributed speed test servers that could provide accurate, real-world internet performance data.

So we built Netbaaz to empower any internet user to quickly measure their true download/upload speeds and troubleshoot connectivity issues. Over the years our service has grown from testing speeds nationally to now operating local server points in over 50 countries worldwide.

Our speed test is trusted by consumers and businesses alike to quantify internet performance down to granular details like latency, packet loss and geographic consistency. We aim to make understanding complex network metrics simple for the average user.

Our Mission

We exist to help you analyze and improve internet connectivity speeds, performance and reliability through consistent, research-grade testing.

It’s our mission to:

Offer free, easy-to-use speed tests with instant results

Expand our server network coverage to more locations globally

Provide the most accurate and unbiased testing methodology

Help users identify and troubleshoot internet connectivity issues

Supply telecom carriers with network infrastructure diagnostics

Create transparency into real-world ISP performance

We take pride in being an independent speed test platform with no affiliations to internet providers or ties to paid sponsorships. Our dedication is solely to empowering our users with quality data.

The Netbaaz Difference

What sets Netbaaz apart from other internet speed tests is our commitment to consistency, transparency and helping you solve problems:

Truly Global Testing Infrastructure – Local servers deployed in 50+ countries for relevant geo-targeted results

Granular Diagnostic Metrics – We report download & upload speeds, latency, packet loss, geographic consistency and more

Meaningful Results Interpretation – We don’t just show numbers but explain what the data means for your connectivity

Problem Identification – Our research-level testing can isolate the source of issues – local network, ISP, transit links etc

Friendly Customer Service – Still have questions about your results? Contact our tech experts for personalized advice

Our future roadmap includes expanding our server coverage to more developing regions, creating tools to log and monitor long term trends, implementing user customizable tests and much more. We’re just getting started in our mission to help the internet measure global network capability.

Test your Internet connection today with Netbaaz for reliable speed insights!

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